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Industrial Asbestos Removal company near Colorado Springs has been providing fast and efficient services for many years. We have all the proper licensing to carry out every aspect of hazardous waste removal service. We take care of every facet of your project right from asbestos inspection to asbestos removal and keeping the environment clean and safe well after we’re gone. Many local authorities understand that asbestos is hazardous. However, despite all this, one can still find asbestos in almost all homes nearby Colorado Springs. In many cases asbestos can still be found in ceiling tiles in some older homes. For that fact, it’s very important for homeowners to remove asbestos from their home in order to ensure that you are living in a 100% toxin-free environment. Keeping you and your family out of risk.

Industrial Asbestos Removal Colorado Springs

We have a team of experts, who are well-trained and have industry exposure. They know how to remove asbestos from an area safely and conveniently. We strive to provide asbestos removal service both in residential and commercial areas. While removing asbestos from any area, we take certain precautions and do not compromise the health, safety, of our workers and also maintain on-site safety compliance.

CHE Asbestos & Lead Inspects and Removes Asbestos from the Following:

  • Asbestos roof removal
  • Asbestos ceiling removal
  • Asbestos fire door removal
  • Asbestos roof tile removal
  • Office asbestos removal
  • Warehouse asbestos removal
  • Asbestos cement removal

We remove asbestos using hand tools and other equipment. Then, we place it in plastic bags and put them in a dumpster. While carrying out these activities, our professionals wear respirators & full body suits.


Asbestos is harmful to your health. If someone comes in contact with asbestos, then it can lead to serious health problems like cancer. If you’re a homeowner and are carrying out any home renovation work, then it’s important to check whether your living place contains asbestos or not. If you encounter asbestos in your home, then you need to get in touch with an asbestos removal company as soon as possible. Asbestos removal company near Colorado Springs will effectively remove this hazardous material and make your living space a safer place to live in.

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