Asbestos refers to a group of very fine particles called silicate that was used extensively in building materials for decades. Homeowners run into asbestos in older homes usually in the form of flooring, ceiling tiles, insulation, roof shingles and even old joint compound. The Environmental Protection Agency takes asbestos seriously and if you find it in your home, you will need the help of an asbestos removal company in Colorado Springs.  

What to expect during the removal process

An asbestos removal company will come into your space and test the materials for asbestos. If it is indeed this harmful material, the company will seal off the area and begin removing it. The workers will wear full protective gear covering their entire bodies, and respirators to prevent the silicate particles from entering their lungs. The asbestos materials will be bagged and removed from the space.    

Follow up air testing/monitoring

Before unsealing the space, the company will test and monitor the air for the presence of asbestos. Because this material is tiny particles of silicate that is capable of floating through the air, entering the space too soon after initial removal can be harmful. Once the asbestos removal company gives you the all-clear, you can enter the space safely. 

Collect certificates and paperwork showing removal completed

Because the EPA takes asbestos very seriously, it’s a good idea to keep and collect any paperwork that shows the removal of the materials from your home. In the event you sell your home in the future, you will have to disclose that asbestos was found and removed from the home. In this scenario, a potential homebuyer will want to see the paperwork that shows the materials were removed from the space before finalizing a sale.  

Put the room back together again

Once the removal company has sampled, removed and tested, they will clean up their equipment, remove the seal from the room and allow you to enter. At this point, getting back to normal is as simple as putting the room back together again. Depending on the material that was removed, your room might also need new ceiling tiles, flooring or sheetrock work.  

If you need help with asbestos removal in your home, let CO Hazardous Environmental be your first call! We’re located in Colorado Springs and you can give us a call at 719-249-7494!

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