Finding out that you might have asbestos in your home, can be a scary situation. Your hope is that your home serves a protective shelter for you and your family. To discover a potentially harmful substance lingering inside calls for a trusted and experienced asbestos abatement company in Colorado Springs.

What is asbestos 

Asbestos refers to one of six minerals collectively called silicate that has been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as harmful to humans. The use of these minerals in building supplies was widespread until the 1970s when industry experts began connecting the dots between the presence of these materials and horrible diseases. It takes a specially trained abatement and removal company to handle materials made with asbestos.   

Can you remove it yourself 

Asbestos was a common ingredient in many types of building materials including flooring, tiles, roofing shingles, insulation, ceiling tiles, certain fabrics, and even some cement. It’s possible that if your home was built in the late 1800s up until the mid-1900s, that it might contain some materials that utilized asbestos. The harm comes when the asbestos particles are disturbed and become airborne. In no circumstances should you try and remove it from your home on your own.  

The removal process 

An experienced and licensed asbestos abatement company in Colorado Springs is required to properly remove these harmful materials from your home. They will first encapsulate the area, cover any surfaces with plastic, and close off HVAC systems. Technicians will then were special suits to enter the area and work to begin removing the asbestos-containing materials. The materials they remove will be placed into air-tight disposable bags and brought to a specialized landfill for hazardous materials.  

Putting a space back together

Once the technicians have finished removing the harmful materials from your home, they will remove the encapsulation and clean up the area. You can then begin putting the space back together. If the asbestos was discovered in the flooring, or ceiling tiles, it’s now safe to choose new materials to add to the space.   

When it comes time to sell your home

When the time comes to sell your home, your Realtor will have you fill out a disclosure form. This form includes very important details on the history of your home including if asbestos has ever been found and remediated there. The abatement and removal company that takes care of your job will provide paperwork that will serve as proof that you successfully remediated the asbestos that was found which will go a long way to convince potential buyers that the home is safe. 

If you need help with asbestos removal, let CO Hazardous Environmental be your first call! We’re located in Colorado Springs and you can give us a call at 719-249-7494!

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